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Re: oye, suddenly wish I were a SAHM

Originally Posted by BoyCrazy View Post did you find that out? Did they tell you or did a customer say something?
It was in a slideshow in which the presenters (of which I am one) are introduced. I thought it was a mistake and then they informed me it was intentional, and it sounds like this isn't the first time. They acted like I should be flattered.

Originally Posted by keonli View Post
I would go and talk to the boss. If you're given a higher title, then your pay should match that!

Originally Posted by Shimpie View Post

I say you deserve the title that's being advertised to your clients. It's misrepresentation and very likely dishonest. Is your company billing the clients a higher billing rate than what your title would normally bill for? If, so your company is making a profit at your expense. I'd be so peeved over this, that I'd would almost threaten to reveal the correct title to the clients. Obviously you deserve this promotion because you're already doing the work.
That is a great point! In this instance we aren't billing the client, but I don't know about previous projects for which my time was billed.

Originally Posted by MommyLyssa View Post
This. I would NOT be ok with that. They are being very dishonest, and having you do work that you are not being paid for (at the rate you should be, anyway)
For the past year I've been telling myself I'm working above my pay grade in order to be acknowledged and then get paid. Maybe that is the case and they are just using the fake title in the interim? Maybe there is something on the way? But I asked my direct boss about it and he said nope, no pay raises until the Fall. That's when I got upset. Honestly, I'm probably PMsing (first real period in 2 years, ugh). Because I know that in reality I'm doing a good job and if I demand a raise I will get one, because I deserve it and they need me. So whatever my boss says it really isn't phasing me. It's just the attitude that I find insulting. I definitely don't think it's insurmountable.

Originally Posted by evasimone View Post
Jeez. I'd be upset. I'd ask for a title change if not a raise if they don't seem likely to give you a raise. Then at least you can look better on your resume when you go hunting for a new job!
Ha! Nice.

Originally Posted by momtojande View Post
That's not right. Sucks to work for dishonest people.

Plus, they're dragging you into it. When clients figure out you're not what they thought, they'll hold you responsible too.

They need to make it right. If they need you to have a certain title to carry out your responsibilities, then you should have that title.
Yes. I have already decided I will not use the title. If they put it on a slide, fine, I can't change what they write. But I'm not going to repeat it.
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