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Originally Posted by chandni3

Tell her when you're almost ready to push. Then you can just say you didn't realize that the baby would come so soon. Sometimes the drama blows over easier once it's already happened then to bring it up ahead of time. Also, what's your plan for after the baby's born. You don't want to be stuck with your mom at your house taking over everything, telling you and hubby you're doing things wrong and hogging baby.
I don't see my mom pushing herself on us after baby. She is just so excited for the birth. She is very pro-bonding time and wouldn't try to get in the way of the three of us getting used to being a family. Her biggest problem is wanting to make sure I get the birth I want. (I plan for an all natural hypnobabies birth and a very intervention friendly hospital who told me they will throw my cloth diapers away..) Her intentions are good. She is just pushing DH to the back burner because she is so passionate about enforcing my birth plan.
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