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Re: what's your favorite vegetarian recipes?

Originally Posted by Hungry Caterpillar View Post
-Portobello mushroom burgers
-Eggplant parmesan
-Black bean enchiladas
-Red beans and rice
-Cheese and zucchini lasagna (zucchini cut into ribbons with peeler to use instead of noodles)
-Fish tacos
-Broiled fish and steamed veggies
-Falafel and pita with roasted eggplant and hummus
-Mediterranean flatbread (pizza dough with sliced red onion, avocado, heirloom tomato and grated feta cheese)
-Homemade mac and cheese with sundried tomatoes, pine nuts, and onion
-loaded vegetable calzones (use tomato paste instead of sauce and it's not soggy)

Fish is in no way vegetarian.
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