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Re: I want to get serious about weaning

Originally Posted by lovebabies View Post
You're doing great, mama! It's so hard when littles are sick. I think you're smart to take a break and wean when she's feeling better. Who knows, maybe it will go easier the next time since she's had a bit of a break.

Just curious why you're concerned about the amount of liquids she's drinking? She's eating lots of solids, right? I really don't keep track of how much my kids are drinking, just give them access to a sippy cup of water whenever they want it. They maybe drink 12 oz in a day? Sometimes more, sometimes less. I don't want you to be concerned about it if you don't need to be.
She eats table food. One day she'll eat a lot and the next day hardly anything. It's random. She sometimes just doesn't want to drink from her sippy.

At 12 to 24 months they should drink 4 1/2 cup servings of milk a day according to my chart that the pediatrician gave me. (That's 16 ozs.)

I have an ear infection. I have to be on antibiotics that I can't nurse on. (I tried to avoid the antibiotics but it got very bad. I couldn't stand without feeling dizzy.) So she has not nursed since Sunday night as I left for the doctors before she woke up Monday. She's fussy (especially at nap time!). She keeps trying to get in my shirt but I told her "they are broken and don't have no milk". I keep giving her different sippy cups. It will be for 7 days ... so I'm done! She'll be weaned and I'll be dried up!
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