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Re: Petition for Kraft to stop using artificial dyes in their US Mac and Cheese

Originally Posted by Mac & Cheeses mom View Post
Signed. You are correct baby steps and even though we don't eat this (often) it still is at every meal for some kids. Great petition.
Thanks for signing!

Originally Posted by thtr4me View Post
Signed. So tired of food here in the US containing things banned in other countries. Seems we are the food industry's dumping ground.
I completely agree and that's why I feel that this petition is so important. We need to speak up or things will never change. Personally I stopped purchasing Kraft Mac and Cheese years ago, but avoiding all Kraft (or sister company) products is nearly impossible if you buy anything that is packaged. I think the FDA should be FIRED!!!
Thanks for signing!

Originally Posted by treegirl75 View Post

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Originally Posted by PrettyinPink89 View Post
And thank you mamas as well!
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