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Re: NB diaper stashes

Wow, that's a great stash! I decided to stick mostly with prefolds and covers at least for the newborn stage, but will get some all in ones and pockets for night time sleepy changes (me being sleepy, not baby haha) or in case a grandma wants to attempt a change!

So now I have: 24 infant prefolds, 12 covers, 2 AIOs, 2 pockets (bought as irregulars on the Swaddlebee/Blueberry site, so they didn't come with inserts), 3 Snappis, and 32 cloth wipes. I wanna get a dozen small prefolds, maybe 4 infant workhorses, and a few Swaddlebees newborn simples (because I have a $10 off a purchase of $50 that I want to use).

Not sure if it's enough, but I'm already getting a major cloth addiction. So many cutes!
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