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Re: We have to get induced tomorrow:(

Originally Posted by sterlids View Post
your fluid isn't low at all. i was told anything between 8 and 24 is optimal. hmmm if you don't want to be induced i'd fight it. i have my fluid checked weekly. this week it was 13 and last week it was 15 and neither doc was worried.

on the other side of things. induced labor isn't always a horribly bad thing. i was induced with my son, first baby, because i had zero cervical changes going on. they gave me cervidil for 12 hrs the night before and that didn't do anything either. i was on pit for 1 hour and didn't need anymore than that. they started the pit at 4am and stopped it at 5 am. my water broke at 6:30 and i had my son at 12:57 pm after pushing for just 30 mins. i got my epidural when i was 1.5 cm and i didn't tear at all. i had one stitch but the doc said he was doing it to cover his own self, lol.
We must measure fluids on a different scale than you do because I have a super granola midwife and I know if she says I need to do something I need to do it beause she is all about no interventions unless really needed.
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