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Re: What are you eating?!

Right now I am finally venturing beyond saltine crackers but unfortunately not to super healthy stuff.

I am craving really salty stuff, namely chips - just plain ol' greasy, salted potato chips. And whenever I start eating a few chips I get this crazy, weird, sudden craving for a bologna sandwich with mustard. Both are things that I normally never eat. Ever. I can only eat a few chips and half a sandwich though.

Otherwise I only want a blueberry bagel every other day. Severe morning sickness just absolutely sucks!!!

Funny thing is, yesterday I had a brief and sudden rebound and wanted a steak and baked potato. Just out of nowhere I had to have both, right now. It was the first meal I have eaten since February, no joke.

After this morning sickness is over I swear I will never, ever touch another saltine cracker, ever.
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