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Re: Chat Thread ~ Mar 3rd - 9th

Originally Posted by canadianbakers View Post
Yup, I love wearing my newbies because of that - I keep them nice and close to my chest, and noone wants to inadvertently touch someone's boobs, kwim?! So, noone tries to touch the baby.

I searched for some coupon codes, didn't find anything other than links back to their own site for the B1G1 sale.

AFM = As For Me

and for the multi-quoting.

They're B1G1, so you have to have 2 (or multiples of 2) added - they will all show in your cart, but then down below, in the totals and whatnot, it'll show a discount of the 2nd ones (the cheaper of the 2 is the one they'll discount).
So, first of all, don't count on everyone not touching.....had dd in a sling at Target and some old lady walked right up to me, pulled the sling back and looked inside asking me what I had in there. Maybe she was just a weirdo. I wanted to be like "whatcha' think I got in there crazy?" Some people DO NOT GET BOUNDARIES!

Also, thanks for answering so many of my questions.

Originally Posted by Janelle View Post
I haven't been able to sleep well lately either..driving me crazy!
Last night I woke up w/ morning sickness and ended up puking 1/2 the night. ugh. Dh woke up and made me some toast and sat up w/ me until I was able to go back to bed (he is such a sweet guy)
Am I the only one still getting sick? This has happened w/ all 3 of my girls...
My morning sickness lasted most of my pregnancy with DD. I had 5.5 months straight of feeling like I had a stomache virus. With my boys, morning sickness is much better, but I still have it. I still take an occassional Zofran and I'm 33 weeks. Hope you feel better soon Mama!

AFM: Today was my 27th bday, so I was not very faithful to my "semi-bedrest" today. DH and the kids took me shopping for pj's and a robe for the hospital. It was fun, but I am tired tonight. We also grabbed lunch while we were out and then had dinner at his G-ma's. Add to the fact that I couldn't sleep last night either! I guess I joined the group with that one. At 3:30 got up to pee, then when I laid back down I couldn't breathe.....I feel like my child is suffocating me. On the bright side, I finally moved to the recliner and slept wonderfully and DH and the kids let me sleep until I was done. Hope evryone is well tonight. What's this I hear about the first baby??
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