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Re: If Your Fridge Was Broken What would You Eat?

Bummer on the fridge! Having been there, I pulled out my camping cooler and did a mini fridge in the cooler with ice for things like milk products and leftovers and things that had to be cooled. If you didn't have a cooler per-say you can use a plastic tote with a blanket over it full of ice or even a laundry basket in the tub with ice in the bottom and a blanket over it.

Many veggies do not need to be refrigerated just kept in a cool place, so salad is a given or steamed/cooked veggies, using a lot of stuff from the freezer and pantry to supplement .

A neat way to freeze ice is to reuse plastic milk containers filled 3/4 of the way with water and frozen. They take up more space, but they last longer than cubed ice and are less messy. If you get a quantity of them you can put them in the top rack of your fridge and use your refrigerator as an old fashioned ice box. Keep a thermometer in there and check the temp to make sure it's in the right range, and rotate out the melting ice containers.
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