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Re: Hoping breastfeeding goes better this time

I struggled with my first as well. I just had my second 3 months ago and things are going smoothly (aside from little struggles). I educated myself by talking to friends, using the LC at the pediatrician's office, asking for help in the hospital at the sign of the slightest struggle, and asking my family to be supportive. We do not keep formula at the house at all.

After I had my DD, I asked DH to help out a lot around the house and with our 5 year old so I could focus on nursing on demand (which was every hour to every half hour in the first 3 weeks!).

I also stocked up on Lanolin cream (really helped!), and pumped when needed to keep up my supply after 3 weeks, and to get ready for work at 6 weeks.

Keep yourself hydrated as well. That's key!

I also ask for help on forums like this.
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