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Re: Hoping breastfeeding goes better this time

I had a really difficult experience with DD1. She also had a high palette which made her lose the latch constantly. She had a slight tongue tie which we fixed at 4 months. She had reflux, so she had to nurse upright. She got tubes put in because the ear infections were constant. Because of all of these issues at the beginning, my supply dropped and I had to work hard to keep it up. We made it and had a beautiful nursing relationship, but it was hard.

With DD2 our nursing relationship has been blissful! It's like night and day! I'm a better breastfeeding mom because I know much more now. And, I'm a better advocate for myself. I was ADAMANT about nursing on demand after she was born and I refused any formula they tried to offer me. Besides me, my second daughter was just the perfect little nursling. She was born with a fantastic, strong latch. I also was more diligent about pumping in the beginning to establish a strong supply.

It's so strange how the experiences can be so different with the same woman.

Sometimes I think I could have done better with my first if I had the right resources and support and felt more confident. Sometimes I doubt that anything was really wrong, or if it was just in my head. Ahh, I dunno.

Have faith, mama. Not all nursing relationships are the same. I hope my experiences give you hope!

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