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Well, if those are my only 2 choices, I would take formula. I would only choose smoke tainted breastmilk if the water or formula supply was otherwise unsafe for consumption. But in reality, if I couldn't breast feed my order of preference would actually be: toxin-free donor milk, homemade organic goats milk formula, organic powdered formula (tbh, I'm not sure which I would do first out of goats milk or organic powdered, I've never been put in the position that I needed to research it), conventional formula. Smokey breast milk would only become my choice if none of my other preferences were available, and it was a matter of *literally* starving my child (I don't mean "oh lo should have eaten 15 minutes ago, he's starving!") and using formula would be made with unsafe water is the only other option.

Wow. I sound all judgey if it makes any smokers feel better, I consume ridiculous amounts of caffeine. Coffee and I, we're BFFs. so basically, I'm a hypocrite. Still don't want smokey breast milk though. Smokers can reject my caffeine laden milk, I'll reject their smokey milk, and we can just all skip down the formula aisle together
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