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Re: Non-biased BF info

I'm afraid I have yet to find 'non-partisan' breastfeeding info, though everyone seems to claim they are. My best suggestion is to read a bunch and take from it what makes sense, but cut yourself off before you go nuts.
With all due respect to LLL and its members, I did not have a good experience with them. All the members that i met basically told me, in different ways, that I was a bad mother if I didn't breastfeed. I think that's the last thing any pregnant woman or new mom needs to hear, period.
If you want to breastfeed, by all means give it your very best. I had some troubles at the beginning but ultimately was able to nurse my daughter for 14 months. It can be done. The best things for me was finally cutting myself some slack and giving up the whole 'formula-is-evil' thing. I kept some in the house as a security blanket and it made me feel better just as a backup. Nobody can tell you what's right for you and your baby but you.
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