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Re: Struggling to breastfeed my newborn

You do have a premie, he is a near-term premie, and they often have issues with breastfeeding and jaundice, and because the aren't "tiny" ther isn't a big deal made about them. But feeding issues are very common with babies born before 38 weeks.

If the nipple shield works sometimes, don't hesitate to use it. There will be plenty of time to wean him off of it once he is a better nurser.

The thing about having a baby who has special needs in the beginning is, it can b really hard to just go back to the status quo, which would be stopping the supplementation and going solely with the breast.

Did you rent a smart scale? If you are using anything other than a smart scale, which can weigh a single sheet of paper, I wouldn't trust the scale.

It is very common for babies o revese-cycle their feedings and want to eat more at night. It is also comon for babies to just be fussy at night (the witching hour) and act hungry but then not latch and arch off the breast and generally act like they don't know what they want. It would be hard for you to be empty-empty; milk is made from your blood. So while you may not feel as full somtimes, and you may not be able to pump anything out, truly being empty is unlikely. Not all women respond well to pumps, and if the flanges aren't the right size, or the pump is used and the suction isn't as powerful as it was before, or any number of things, how much you pump is not an accurate picture of how much milk you have. And if you can tolerate him at the breast whenever he wants, that is telling your body to make more milk.

Breast compressions might help to kep him nursing longer:

Also not sure if you read through the "Laid Back Breastfeeding" thread, but you may find some helpful info there, too.

Did the hospital set you up with any after-care with the IBCLC? To follow you guys along?
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