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I'm mobile and don't have any resources. I know I saw somewhere though how much milk a baby's tummy can hold tho. I think it was kellymom or the alpha parent's timeline of a breastfed baby. Sounds like we have about the same schedule. I pump at 5:30a, 10a, 3p, and 5p before going home. I've been seeing DD at lunch to feed her then too, and stimulate more milk. It took us over a month to finally figure out how much milk to send and in what size bottles. Now we send 4x4oz, and oatmeal, and usually have a bottle left over. If LO is satisfied its enough, otherwise you may need to send more. We also sent the paci so they could give that to her when she was still fussing within an hour of a bottle. It usually put her to sleep. She just needed to suck.

From the phone.
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