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Before kids ~

I had the perfect body & great hair. Now I have a flabby body & my hair is a hot mess.

I was always dressed nicely, made up & NEVER wore glasses in public. Now I rarely wear make up, I wear my glasses all the time & my clothes, sweats & t's for home. Jeans & t's for out.

I bought all my unmentionables at VS. Now they come from 3 packs at Walmart.

I had a super tidy small apartment. Now I have a messy big house.

I read all the time ~ books & magazines. Now I read DS.

I could actually get in the tub & finish my bath in peace. Now I get fast showers while baby screams in the crib.

I could lavish my "daughter" aka my then BF now DH's daughter with amazing clothes, killer toys & loads of fun trips then send her home. Now I have 3 of my own that get few fun trips, hand me downs & loads of toys from Grammy.

I wouldn't trade my kids for anything!

Jodie ~ mama to Big K, Medium K & Lil' k
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