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Originally Posted by Quickshep19
Before kids ~

I had the perfect body & great hair. Now I have a flabby body & my hair is a hot mess.

I was always dressed nicely, made up & NEVER wore glasses in public. Now I rarely wear make up, I wear my glasses all the time & my clothes, sweats & t's for home. Jeans & t's for out.

I bought all my unmentionables at VS. Now they come from 3 packs at Walmart.

I had a super tidy small apartment. Now I have a messy big house.

I read all the time ~ books & magazines. Now I read DS.

I could actually get in the tub & finish my bath in peace. Now I get fast showers while baby screams in the crib.

I could lavish my "daughter" aka my then BF now DH's daughter with amazing clothes, killer toys & loads of fun trips then send her home. Now I have 3 of my own that get few fun trips, hand me downs & loads of toys from Grammy.

I wouldn't trade my kids for anything!

Jodie ~ mama to Big K, Medium K & Lil' k
Too funny. I NEVER went out without makeup. Now, ehh.who has the time?
And i buy walmart undies now. Long gone are the tiny thongs. Dont have time to keep string out of my butt when I'm running after the kids
Wife to DH and mommy to DD (12/07) and DS (2/11)
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