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Also - I have been BFFs with the same girls since HS.

We used to discuss the plans for next weekend, how drunk we were last weekend, hot movie stars, and who didnt like someone elses boyfriend.
Now we are all married and 3/4 have kids. When we get together we:
First discuss how freaking long it's been since we've seen each other.
Ask if DS is eating more, if DD is walking more, if DD is sleeping longer, etc.
Ask if your kid is as into XYZ as my kid is. Where exactly can you find Lazytown stuff.
Whose DH is driving them nuts and why. Whose MIL is acting crazy. Our mortgages and car insurance rates.
The great new mommy blog / way to get coupons / babyproofing gear.
Our latest pinterest exploits.

Sometimes we laugh and think WHAT happened to us?!
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