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Lasinoh makes a bottle called "momma" It has a rounded unique breast shape that comes with a slow flow nipple. You can purchase med flow or fast flow nipples if you choose. I just purchased one off Amazon for $4.50! After doing some research on what bottle would be best for breast fed babies this bottle had the best reviews. So I decided to give it a try. My son is not due yet but I really want my hubby and children to be able to participate in feeding him as well. I breast fed our daughter till she was almost two and I basically just gave her my breast exclusively. And when I did decide to give her a bottle I would use the playtex drop ins. They seemed to work best for her at the time. But the drop ins could get a little pricy and I didn't like that. I hope this new bottle I purchased will work out for our son. I only purchased one just in case it's a fail. But I do intend on having him take my breast as much as possible!
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