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If you didn't BF your first...

and you were trying for #2 would you give your milk to your older child too? I wasn't able to BF my son which just KILLS me, makes me cry even thinking about it. I was so lost and confused and my hospital didn't have any lactation consultants while I was there and it was over before it started. Me and dh have decided to try for #2 after a late pariod got us really excited. I know some ladies still BF while pregnant and *in theory* I'd still be BFing since ds is 17 months. Is there any way for me to maybe pump some while I'm pregnant for ds? Is it of any benefit to give him my milk since he's going to be two or older by the time baby #2 gets here? I just plan on giving it to him in a cup, and I feel like it would still be a benefit since he's still growing but I'm not sure how it works for children his age. Any advice would be great.

Also any BFing supplies must haves and favorites would be wonderful!
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