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Re: Please help me keep going... update post #54

Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l View Post
I know you say you are preparing for the end, but have you tried reglan yet? Most insurance companies cover it and it will boost your supply. That could really help. Might be cheaper than formula (unless you can get WIC) and really help.
I am considering either Reglan or Domperidone... I know my milk supply has decreased but i am not sure how much yet. I am also wondering if it might be the normal 3 month regulation time? If she isn't transferring well do you think the reglan would really help? because she won't remove the milk. At least I am wondering.

I went from being able to pump 3-4 ounces every two hours. Now I can pump 1.25-1.75 occasionally 2 ounces and if I pump after breastfeeding her I get nothing. I know everyone says pump output isn't a reliable indicator but I've always responded well to the pump...

ETA: I reread the powerpoint that I mentioned above. It does mention that once the baby gets back to where she should be weight wise her feeding should improve. The whole "poor weight gain begets more poor weight gain" theory and it also mentions that the supply decrease is because of the infant. Here's a quote, "Primary problem of later slow weight gain is often simply early slow weight gain. Slow weight gain begets slow weight gain. Once a baby is underweight the mother's milk production slows down as a result not cause of baby's poor weight gain."

Luckily for me I took a hiatus and pumped exclusively for 3 weeks which gave me a decent supply (which DD has probably tanked lol)... but if DD does become a better feeder due to gaining weight then the Reglan or Dom could help and maybe I could get a decent supply and keep it. I guess I am not quite as ready to quit as I suspected. I keep having ups and downs and am just incredibly frustrated.
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