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bifold VS trifold

I use diaper safari trifold inserts inside diaper safari/diaper junction covers. Ive always trifolded the inserts which works well. However it gives a bit of a bulky look and sometimes the inserts shift and the PUL from the cover is exposed more and can sometimes cause some irritation.
SO last night as I was folding her just wash diapers and assembling some into the covers as ready to go ones I got an idea.. I instead of trifolding I bifolded just folded in half and layed into the cover. It gave total coverage over the inner PUL and a thinner profile. I worried about it being bulkier between the legs on my baby but I found it easier to snap up and while Maggie has been telling me recently her diapers are "too big" as I think go a bit used to the disposables we used when treating her yeast, she tells me these feel soft and make her happy.
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