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I was able to resolve the issue with the clog/possible mastitis. A hot shower and a breast pump can do some amazing things. lol. Secondly the milk that I have been able to pump has now been claimed by my 1 year old. He was interested in what the baby was eating so I gave him a small taste figuring he would not like it and well he LOVED it. I have also gotten a little further on a good latch with itty bitty. I was having some nipple cracking issues because of the poor latch and he would not latch properly if I was using lanolin which just contributed to the problem, so I decided to try the coconut oil. He loved the taste of it and he is latching so much better now. I hate to have to use that for him to latch properly but if it works then heck why not. lol. I had an over supply with my other two boys as well so I figured it would happen with this one. But at least I know that the milk will not just sit in the freezer until we decide to go out or something, I know the 1 year old will drink it, he absolutely loves it.
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