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Re: Update on Andy (delayed speech)

Honestly I felt the exact same guilt. I have two in speech now...they do a phonological basically don't pronounce the words correctly. It's really confusing at that age of 2 ish as you know they speak tons but then you realize more and more that it's not being understood.

The good news is that my older guy in speech is now in 1st grade, he will do most likely one more year and then be done. It's really amazing what difference it makes and how the time has gone. We opted for 2 years(well 1.5 by the time he got evaluated) at a speech preschool through the school district...amazing program, 5 hours a week but that included snack, art so not a true 5 hours of therapy. Then once he hit school he just does 30 mins a week. No biggie, kids in class leave for all kinds of reading dens etc so nobody really knows at this age. He is just working on his R's at this point which many kids don't reach until 2nd grade, one of the most difficult as there are 20 ways to pronounce it apparently.

The neighbor boy only needed a year of the preschool so every child is different.

My 3 year old is currently in the first year of this preschool and did EI for about 5 months....I'm 100% confident he will follow a similar path and be fine.

So here's even more good news!! My 1st grader doing speech......turns out he's really smart! I almost fell over last year when his scores were in the top 97% for math and I think in the 90%'s for English. Funny as we spent so much time focusing on speech that we probably overlooked it a bit. We can tell easily now that he is way ahead of ODS when he was that age. So just because your little guy needs help with speech, it's zero reflection on his intelligence. I know another mama said the same thing here recently on another thread. I also think all the phonic work helps them hugely with spelling and reading. Really getting a heads up for when they start school compared to most other kids who won't be doing it so much.

I don't know about the sensory issues but a close friend has a child with some and they just have certain rules and manage it at home and in school.
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