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Re: what age did you leave child overnight?

I need an "other" box.

DD newest has never been left - she is 11 months
DD almost 2 - never DH stayed when I had her sister.
DS3 - spent the night once at my parents (his choice), as a newb when I had surgery
DS1 and DS2 - left for birth of DS3 with my mom (they were 6 and 7), left for two surgeries, they've spent the night at my parents house several times, we left them twice for the weekend starting at about age 5 (both times work related.)

In ten years we've left our kids twice - just the older ones once they were about 5 and both times for work related events. BUT the older ones leave us all the time ODSs have been to summer camp, friends houses, grandparents etc.

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