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Delete Please -- moving to diaper lots :)

All diapers come from a smoke-free and cat friendly home (the cats are not allowed where the diapers are stored).

All of these were made by me for my little one (we didn't know the sex so I did a bit of both genders) so there might be imperfections but are all fully functional. I had a big stash and went sewing crazy and of course ended up using my AIOs more.

These all have been washed in Charlie's soap and have been worn anywhere from 1-5 times. They're an outer layer of knit, and 2 layers of organic bamboo fleece (OBF). Included are 2 2-layer OBF soakers for each fitted. There might be some EBFed staining on some of them that should sun out.

$12 ppd each

Girl Rainbow #1 (2 2-layer OBF soakers)
Blue #1 (1 2-layer OBF soaker -- longer soaker)
Dark Rainbow #2 (2 2-layer OBF soakers) sold

Purple Serging #1 (2 2-layer OBF soakers)
Purple Serging #2 (2 2-layer OBF soakers)
Red Serging #1 (1 2-layer OBF soaker -- longer soaker)
OBV Inner #1 (OBV & OBF Soaker) sold

Light Gray #1 sold
Light Gray #2 sold
Dark Gray #1
Dark Gray #2 sold

These 3 have smaller width elastic than the others so they look more relaxed, I didn't have any issue with them but I wanted to mention the difference in elastic. -- $8 ppd each

Birds #1
Birds #2
Race Cars

All Sold Below

Girl Dots #1
Girl Dots #2

These 2 were bigger mess ups but still functional. (see photos) -- $7 ppd each

Zoo Animals

Dark Rainbow

Frogs #1
Frogs #2
Mushrooms #1
Mushrooms #2

You can still find all your advocacy needs (shirts, window decals, tumblers, & blanks too) on our FB fan page or Hyena Cart.

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