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Re: Struggling to breastfeed my newborn

Originally Posted by eliz7 View Post
Night cluster feeding is TOTALLY normal. Mine usually did at least 3 hours straight every evening for the first 2-3 months at least. My first was a 36 week 4 day preemie. She once nursed 7 hours straight with burping and changes then nursing the . Whole. Time! I almost lost it!! That was 4 weeks.

Toss the formula and nurse your baby. You will make it through. When you breasts feel empty is when your body gets the command to make more milk. Let him feed and you will make enough. Good luck!!
yes! I wouldnt worry about pumping or bottle feeding/formula feeding just put baby to breast as much as possible and its totally normal for baby to nurse all night long if you can nurse laying down on your side you can rest/sleep while baby is eating. even nursing in an empty breast is great bc its telling your body to make more milk. everything sounds like you are doing great!
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