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Re: My baby's face is red all around her mouth, anyone know what this is?

Does it look like this at all?

ETA: This is DDs rash. I still don't know the cause of it but we know what makes it go away. Wasn't caused by her paci, not by her thumb...we had no idea. Anyway, we tried yeast meds and that didn't work, tried a stronger yeast med and it tore her face up worse, now we use mometasone furoate ointment from the derm. I THINK its a strong cortisone but don't quote me cause I am not sure. Anyway, her rash comes back on and off and we just put cream on it and it goes away. Things like this are really hard to dx without going through lots of allergy testing. Really, although its annoying, its a minimal reaction. A referral to a derm may take months but see if the ped will give you something in the meantime. Good luck!

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