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Child asthma

I'd like to pick your brain if you or your kid have Asthma, particularly viral induced.

My 5 year old caught a cold/flu, had normal symptoms it lasted about a week and petered off over two more weeks, then on the fourth week she really started coughing hard at nights and in the morning. I took her into her ped (new, we just moved here) and she gave her an antibiotic, with the instruction that if the coughing persisted longer than 2 days into it to come back in. It did, and we went back in.

She then decided DD had asthma, and prescribed us the whole set up, inhaler, spacer, and breathing blow test thing. In the office DD blew at 80+ percent, but when we were home later after a coughing fit she blew less than 80%.

She never wheezes. She only coughs occasionally now, but everyone in the house is battling allergies right now.

There is someone else who works in an adjacent office who is a "Asthma and Allergy Specialist". I'm worried the doctor was a little gung ho about diagnosing DD, but if she is having trouble breathing I definitely want to give her the inhaler. Would using an inhaler on someone who doesn't need it have any serious ill effects? Does blowing less than 80% for sure mean she has asthma or could it be user error?
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