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Leaking issue with FB

I am having issues with my FBs. We started using them in December on our 18 month old. They worked great for a month or so, then we started having issues with them leaking all of the sudden. I thought it was because we used coconut oil on a diaper rash she had (which at the time I thought was okay), but I have tried stripping them many, many times now and it doesn't seem to be helping. I even scrubbed each diaper and insert with a toothbrush and dawn, as a last resort. We did try tightening the leg openings this week, and they are now useable (the pee doesn't just run out the legs anymore), but she is still leaking out the front, back and/or leg holes sometimes. Does anyone have any recommendations for another way we could try stripping, perhaps? I have a front-loader HE washer and I feel that the stripping I've done isn't very effective in it, so some advice from HE users would be very helpful! Thanks in advance!!

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