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Re: Lots of interest - whats next?

She is for sure ahead of the game. My 20 month old doesn't pee or poo on the potty, and has no interest in it at all!
Be weary of using the 'oh crap' method, sometimes they can regress. At this age I would just keep doing what your doing.
I've noticed girls are much easier to PT than boys.
Try leaving her in easy to remove clothes (shirts or dresses with leg warmers, diaper with leg warmers) not sure what kind of climate you live in but here, it gets cold and snows, so we just sit on the potty (even though nothing actually happens) before we go out, put a diaper on her and offer to go to the potty at the store or where ever we go just in case.
But then again, she's already doing amazing! I wouldn't worry too much!
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