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Anyone else...

suck at folding flats and prefolds? I see all these pics of super trim flats nicely pinned/snappi'd/boingo'd on babies, and I want to do it so bad. Then I try and it's a sloppy mess. I kinda just stick a cover on and shove in all the loose pieces. Sometimes I get it on there looking pretty good, but then when they stand up, I realize the back of their legs is halfway down their thighs (know what I mean?), and when I try to tuck it in, the whole thing goes wonky.
Prefolds aren't quite as bad, but they're still hit or miss for me.

It's so sad...I'm a flat failure.

ETA: We should share pictures of our flat fiascos! (Assuming I'm not alone) I'll try to get a pic today to share.

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