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Re: Fleece covers question

Fleece is totally fine under cotton jammies -- although I agree they can sometimes feel a bit damp in the morning (I think it's from evaporation) -- but you have to make sure your little one is wearing a diaper that will not be soaking wet in the morning -- soaking wet generally compression-leaks through fleece; the breathable nature of the fabric means it's more porous, so wetness can pass through if it's not being held in by the diaper.

For nights, you need thicker or more heavyweight/tighter weave fleece since the diapers generally get more wet. If you order something made with anti-pill fleece, I found that 2-3 layers were needed through the wet-zone to hold up to a heavy wetter. If it's made from Wind Pro, you need fewer layers because that fleece has a tighter weave.

A nighttime cover may also need to be wider/taller-in-rise because nighttime diapers tend to be fluffier
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