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I just realized how that may have come across. I am by no means saying that meds are the answer for everyone. We just now started meds again yesterday after 3 years of trying so many other things. Just that IF you choose the medication route, that does NOT make you a failure.
Also, hopefully a glimmer of hope for you: most autistic children to improve quite a bit as they mature. It does take them longer, and you have to teach them things that usually come naturally. But most likely he will not always be as drastic as he is now. He will hopefully learn how to express himself another way. Right now he understands that violence gets his point across. He is frustrated because he can not get hod thoughts across.
If you have not already check into baby signs. Ot made a world of difference for us. I started my neuro typical child at 4 months "just in case" and he was able to communicate simple needs by 6 months and much more a couple of months later. is a great place to start. It is free, and it shows a video of the mom doing the signs and then her child. We loved it!
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