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Originally Posted by luvsviola
I am a middle school teacher. Email his teachers. Ask for a parent/team meeting. If you show that you are happy to work with them, they can be your best ally.

Ask for a daily tracking sheet to be initialed by the teachers every class.

Get him dividers and help him organize his binder. Go to school and help him clean out his locker. Mentor him on being organized. Most kids struggle with that. The work is done, but its in the locker, at home, etc. If the binder is organized, there is no excuse for work not to be turned in.

This is typical 8th grade boy, but there are things you can do to make it stop too.\\

Every missing assignment=chores helps a lot!
Also a middle school teacher, and I totally agree with all of this.

I send home weekly letters to be signed by parents, too, for missing assignments. I have one family who started charging their child his weekly allowance to get their signature on his letter. Guess who hasn't had a missing assignment since that started??
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