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Oh this is fun! My cousin's wife cloth diapered and mentioned it to me in an email to me when I was way pregnant with my first child. I thought "eww. No thanks. We'll be using pampers." And use pampers we did. They were all DD could wear without breaking out. Fast forward 16 months and DS was born and all he could wear were pampers sensitive and he still had alligator skin anywhere the diaper touched because they dried out his skin so badly. Another cousin handed down a half dozen or so eBay pockets and my baby's skin looked beautiful. Tail between my legs I emailed my cousins wife. I was on a budget and open to suggestion. Armed with some knowledge and our sposie budget for the month, I bought, if I recall correctly, 4 small bummis super snap and 6 medium bummis super snap off Craigslist, 4 Econobum seconds, 18 infant LL seconds, 3.5 dozen premium LL seconds, a handful of snappis and 2 wetbags. My cousins wife sent me some very used covers, her retired diaper sprayer and some hemp doublers. We probably could have very cheaply diapered our kids forever with that stash but I found Diaperswappers! We tried several other things, only to come back to prefolds and covers, only I found Flips, which DH and I both preferred over the bummis and econobums. We've been happily cloth diapering for over 2 years.

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