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Talking SOLD--23 Newborn/small fitteds


Birthday sale: DD turns 1 today, so I'm giving ppl a deal on my stuff for sale. I'm willing to go down to $100ppd for all 23 of these diapers! This is less than $5 per diaper.

I have some newborn and small fitteds that I hate just having in storage. I would like to sell all 23 diapers together in a lot for $110ppd!! This is a GREAT price, since there are 10 of the extremely nice velour ones, 10 usable...just not as pretty ones, AND 3 Lucy's Hope Chest ones.

They all work really nicely. 10 are really nice ones that I don't know the maker of, but I believe they are bamboo (since they wear like bamboo does), and they are dyed in really pretty tie dye colors on the velour outsides and insides. I used them as newborn without the liners snapped in since then they were not as thick and etc. then through a size small. Then the other 10 are just a mix of ones that I don't know the maker of. A few are "one size" or sized similar to the Thirsties in that they work for like a range of size small to mediumish. Oh and 3 are Lucy's Hope Chest size smalls, and they were my favorites in the small size since they are just so cute on.

A few have slight staining, but I didn't take pics of the inners of most. The velour ones are the same print/dye on the inside as the outside, so no staining shows that I can see, which is REALLY nice. 2 of the Lucy's Hope Chest ones have stains, but they aren't as bad as they look in the pictures....and would most likely come out if treated or sunned, but I haven't had time to deal with it.

If you buy with some woolies in my listing of woolies or other things I have for sale you will save even more.

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