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Re: Pain around incision before planned HBAC?

While I'm not a fan of HBACs (vbacs, yes)... what you are experiencing is TOTALLY normal. My 3rd and 4th babies (2nd and 3rd c-sections)... I had that a lot towards the end of pregnancies and the doctor said it's absolutely normal. You are not getting as much blood flow to your scar tissue because it's scar tissue and your uterus is expanding at a crazy rate... so it causes those pains. I made sure to tell him that the pains stopped me in my tracks at times and make me tear up and he still said it's normal. And he chuckled at this (which was fine... he's great), but I said, "It feels like the baby is just going to pop out of my incision!"

I would worry if it was constant, not stopping pains. He said to come in to the office if that was the case.

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