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Re: Tamiflu during third tri

Myth of Tamiflu - 5 Things You Should Know

i found this article which supports what ive heard about tamiflu already. you definitely have to do a cost/benefit analysis when it comes to your health and realize that even your doc can be poorly informed just because of how our healthcare system is set up.

i worked in the pharma industry for years as an analyst and i have stories that would be against the law for me to actually tell on the internet, but trust me it makes you think twice about procedures/drugs. what i can tell you is that research IS funded by pharma companies and their own sales reps are the ones TRAINING your doctor or your surgeon on the use of the device/drug, not the other way around. sales reps with no schooling or background in even a science or anatomy class. additionally, a product with a known issue will be evaluated using a FORMULA to determine if it is cheaper to settle on a case by case basis or to recall. i handled many aspects of this including FDA reporting and it is pretty much a scandal wherein profit trumps lives every time. im not kidding, the things i witnessed used to make me cry myself to sleep! (ok i cant help it, im not naming names but in my old company, research and development once released a medical device with a flaw that became known just after release. the device was for heart patients who needed the vein in their leg harvested for use on their hearts..unfortunately it was getting stuck in cut mode and was shredding the vein. the answer? hire more employees to deal with the additional volume of complaints.)

a personal anecdote: in 1999 when my first kiddo was a newborn, i sat in her ped's waiting room about to get her the HepB vaccine when an article on the table attracted my attention. it was an article detailing a study which raised concerns about contaminants in that particular version of the vaccine, and said that a recall was being debated due to muscular issues evident in some infants. i showed it to my daughter's ped, and was literally screamed out of the door for even asking. she told me i was taking my childs life in my hands, i told her that according to the release form she wanted me to sign, my daughters life was already in my hands. it took another two years or so (i think it was merk in 2001) but the recall did happen.
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