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I'll post a pic later, but I just ordered 6 thx newborns (like lil joeys), I have 4 lil joeys, 23 nb aios (bare bum diapers), 6 orange edge pfs, dozen preemie pfs, 6 nb covers, 6 softbums with 12 super inserts and 6 nb inserts. and finally, 15? stay dri nb size inserts i made (just one of these inside a cover was my fave the first 2 weeks while theyre so tiny. I read reviews on the newborn flips and decided to make my own in the shape I wanted. More than I need for sure. I have lots (at least 24) of girly nb fitteds and a few gn, but I like to use wool with them and mil washes my wool. So I just pet them because they're cute and soft. I should sell them, I guess.
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