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Re: Packed Lunches

Originally Posted by mygypsytreasures View Post
Thermos Lunchbox Ideas:

o Fill thermos with hot water and place a hot dog in the water. By lunch time the hot dog will be just the right temperature. Pack with a bun and some fast food mustard/ketchup.

o Make a can of Campbellís soup (any regular kind) and put it into the thermos hot, will still be warm by lunch. My mom used to use the bean with bacon soup and cut up hot dogs into it.

o On a cold day put hot chocolate into the thermos as lunch treat. If made with skim milk and a low sugar chocolate mix it will have less sugar then the cafeteria chocolate milk. You could also do warm apple cider, or a warm herbal tea.

o Make extra smoothy at breakfast and pour the leftovers into the thermos to enjoy with lunch.

o Put warm taco meat or beans into the thermos and serve with chips for nachos.

o Warm Spagettios, ravioli, spaghetti, or mac & cheese and place in the thermos. Serve with chunks of bread.

o Warm mashed potatoes to serve with a meatloaf or pot roast sandwich made from leftovers.

o On one website I saw that someone froze ice cream and then put it in a lunch box, Iím not so sure about that, but try it!
These ideas are so much fun! I must try the hot dog with dh
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