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Re: New to CD. So many questions need answering!

I have 38 NB prefolds and I thought I had 2 dozen bigger pf but just realized they are all NB. I need to get some more! Haha
Yes I definitely plan on using snappis and not tri folding my pf. Does this actually hold
In poop better? It seems like it would.
My midwife has not guessed baby weight (she prefers not to) but I am measuring about. Week behind. Not that it makes much difference but at least I'm not ahead! My belly has been smaller this time around.

I have a few recieving blankets but not too many. That's a good
Idea though! I'll keep my eye out for more!
And the flips I have are brand new. Haven't even washed them yet so I hope they work out!!
Thank you so much for your reply!
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