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Re: New to CD. So many questions need answering!

Originally Posted by jennayoung99 View Post
24 prefolds will work, just keep in mind you'll most likely be washing everyday. i agree about getting pins or a snappie, it will really help contain the poop and help with your cover dilema. your bigger size stash looks good, i wouldnt invest in anymore until you try it out. i don't have too much to say about cloth wipes, i just buy mine off of etsy, and i'm really not too picky. as for diaper sprayers, i really see no difference in brands. HTH GL!

Thanks so much! I'm definitely snappi-ing my prefolds! Seems a lot better that way and i don't mind the extra step. Does it really hold
Poo that much better?
Etsy seems like an awesome place to get wipes from what I can tell. I will keep
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