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Re: Boingo? Why or why not?

Originally Posted by Nattiecake View Post
Really good pros list above!

For cons... They break easily, and they are way sharper than snappi's. I snagged myself with them a few times. They were always hard for me to use because I feel like there's nothing to grab onto. I also didn't like the red marks my little guy had on his hip bone area when I used them.

They are great for small babes (one used in front of a flat or pf) or for side snap lovers.
The other con is that there is a steep learning curve. For me the snappi was very intuitive, after weeks of practice I only feel like I'm just now getting the sort of fit I want with the boingo.

I think long term, once I figure it out, I will actually prefer the boingo though because I like adjusting each side separately just like with pins.
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