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Panicking!! Help!! (Long)

Ok so I just realized like yesterday that I have like 38-40 days left before LO arrives. I am due between 4/27 and 5/6.. I am having my first homebirth and am very happy about that, buuuuuut I am totally unprepared for this LO.
(Little Background- This is baby #5, but unfortunately after our last son 4 years ago, I had an IUD put in because he was our last. Therefore I got rid of all our baby stuff.. Crib, car seat, clothes, necessities, basically everything...)

So here's the problem, I have been using all my extra cash to pay off the midwife fees, (I have a 2nd job) I won't be able to use any of my xtra money to buy baby stuff until like the 2/3rd wk of April.. I have nothing and I am stressed...

I do have my cloth dipes as I never sold them, and I searched my basement the other day and found a mini crib that I had...So that's good!! But I have to buy sheets for it and prep my diapers. I have an outfit or 2 so far. But aside from that I have nothing.. Apparently I have been way too lax.

My family and friends are throwing me a baby shower on 4/13, but I feel like there are things I should be doing and buying before.. But without a lot of spare cash, I have no idea where to start..
1.) I have to get some outstanding supplies for the birth ie receiving blankets, towels, thermometer, etc

2.) I have to get stuff for the babies first few days (God forbid the baby should come earlier than expected I at least need a few days worth of stuff)...

I can't even wrap my head around what I actually need..

Keeping our fingers crossed that this one makes it to 40 weeks, what kinds of things do you think I should definitely get first.
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