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Originally Posted by Sarawithouth View Post
Anyone here have arthritis during pregnancy? Not like gestational arthritis, just... Treatment for arthritis during pregnancy. I had an ankle issue 2 years ago and was left with what my orthopedic surgeon just diagnosed as post traumatic arthritis. He said he can't treat me during pregnancy, and to come back after I deliver. How are you being treated? TIA!
I have rheumatoid arthritis and there really aren't many options for treatment during pregnancy The only thing that was offered to me was a steroid shot. I never opted for that because mine is through my body. If I just had an issue at one or two spots I might of considered it. You can also take steroids orally. Unfortunately that isn't an option for me anymore but previously when I was able to take them they worked great.

I'm sorry that your dr isn't more supportive. I know I have limited options but my rheumatologist is always there for me and that is such a good feeling knowing you aren't having to battle something alone.

Are you seeing a rheumatologist or a family dr. If it's a family dr you might have better luck with a rheumatologist. I hope you are able to get relief. Having to suck it up can really get exhausting. Have you tried wearing a wrap or brace(like you would get at Wal-Mart) on it? That might help at least a little.
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