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Charting advice?

Ok ladies, I'm completely new to charting, I just got a thermometer and I'm trying to temp every morning, but I'm having trouble remembering. I didn't get started temping this month until cd 8, last month I didn't o until cd 22 or 24, so I'm hoping I didn't start too late this month. I figure this month is mostly just going to be figuring it out, so I'm not too worried. So how did you get into the rhythm of temping? DS gets up really early and I'm really groggy, and I've had a cold so the last week has been rough trying to remember every morning and stay still long enough to get an accurate temp. I don't want to set an alarm because it would wake up dh and he is struggling to get enough sleep right now, so that's not an option. Also, what are your averages for temps pre and post O? I was expecting mine to be 96 something since my day time temps are usually pretty low, but the few days I've actually gotten a temp it's always been over 97? Any help or encouragement you can give would be awesome!

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