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Re: Swagbucks Challenge Thread -- April

I'd like to meet the Swagbucks daily goal for sure to make a full month's bonus, and hopefully do over 300 a day for $100 in PayPal! I do have 1,185 carry over from last month because I started partway through and wasn't 100% sure about how I wanted to cash out, but I'd like to not dip into that too much and really earn this month!
Last month I cashed out two $25 paypal (but spent about $30, so net $20).

ETA: I think I'll cash out what I can from March in gc's to start fresh this month!
Check out Swagbucks and Perk with me for some extra income! I'm also getting paid for receiving texts from FreeEats, earning PayPal on Postloop, and watching videos on Checkpoints (bonus code SweetMamaKaty). Want $15 free childrens' clothing? Visit Schoola!
Feel free to PM me if you need any help getting started with any of these programs

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