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Re: Elijah's Homebirth

Originally Posted by lilbitcrunchy View Post
Oh yay I'm not the only one having a homebirth away from home! It really was perfect as I grew up there so its certainly home to me. Plus my inlaws are 10 mins down the road and got to see him the very next day and my girls were over the moon to have so much family around them for weeks.

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Same EXACT story with me I grew up where my parents live, so it is home for me, too. We live in a big city, but I grew up in the country, on a small farm. So, having my baby there just made sense.

I've had my last 3 babies there, actually.

I've had people say, "You're having a homebirth.... at your PARENT'S house??!" lol. Guess it seems a little contrary to the purpose of homebirth for some...

I'm excited to tell my kids that they were born on our family property, where I grew up. It's very special.

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